Social Dancing Events

How Far Can You Go?

At CareToDance we pride ourselves on offering personalized lessons for every type of student. Our beginners who start as social dancers and want to progress, are invited to join our CareToDance Programs.

Social Dancing Events

Events, exhibitions and competitions aren’t a requirement to become a great dancer, however; for those students that choose to incorporate them into their program, they can find that it takes their ‘hobby’ to the next level.

We create CareToDance exhibition events of every shape and size. We make sure they are full of fun and designed to challenge your self-confidence on the dance floor. Events include:


In-Studio Events


District Events




Elite Dance Getaways

CareToDance Dance Programs/Levels

All of the CareToDance Programs and Levels are designed for you, your goals, your learning style and within your timeframe.

With our personally tailored programs, the degree of dancing achieved will vary depending on your desire to commit and your interest. Regardless of the level of dance you do achieve with CareToDance, you will have learnt a talent that you can use forever.


As with everything at CareToDance, it’s about YOU and everything can be tailored for your individual dance goals dependent on your style, level and commitment.

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