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How Far Can You Go?

At CareToDance we pride ourselves on offering personalized lessons for every type of student. Our beginners who start as social dancers and want to progress, are invited to join our CareToDance Programs.

Social Dancing Events

Events, exhibitions and competitions aren’t a requirement to become a great dancer, however; for those students that choose to incorporate them into their program, they can find that it takes their ‘hobby’ to the next level.

We create CareToDance exhibition events of every shape and size. We make sure they are full of fun and designed to challenge your self-confidence on the dance floor. 


In-Studio Events


District Events




Elite Dance Getaways

Social Party

Social parties are your first step to being an awesome dancer. All great dancers have one thing in common: steps to remember. At all CareToDance socials you attend, we will ensure that it’s a safe environment to get up, let your hair down and finally put the steps being taught to you to good use.

Enjoy some nibbles and champagne (for the nerves) and get to know your peers who are also dancing enthusiasts. At social parties the teachers are also up and dancing and are happy to answer any questions you may have; but remember, it’s a party night so save any tricky questions to ask your teacher at your next private lesson.

Studio Matches

Our Studio Matches encourage our students to spread their wings and to finally start dancing in front of people who are watching with encouragement (the shower will no longer do!), along with many more students who are also on the dance floor. This way you can learn how to contain your butterflies while you build up your confidence.

Studio Matches give our CareToDance students the unique opportunity to meet their peers who share a common passion for dancing. You also get the chance to start understanding how your body reacts when people are sitting on the sidelines watching you dance, and more importantly, how to embrace it!

At Studio Matches your teacher is either dancing with you or has helped you understand how and what to do when you are up there on your own or with your partner, showing off your new steps. At the end you might also receive a ribbon.

Dinner & Dance

Dinner and Dance is a glitzy, glamorous event we host for our students and their families and friends. Now everyone has the opportunity to see where you have been spending your time and find out what all the fuss has been about.

At our Dinner and Dance not only are our students treated to Sydney’s finest dining and spectacular views but we also give our students who want to push themselves to the next level the chance to showcase a routine to their favourite song or favourite style. CareToDance picks a 5 Star venue and we dance the night away with all your friends from the studio.

Mystery Location

Our Mystery Location events are definitely one of our most special evenings! A 5 star venue somewhere in Sydney is chosen to host a great event for our CareToDance students – but this time our students don’t actually know where they are going.

We whisk you all away in limousines, have the champagne flowing and celebrate being part of our fantastic CareToDance family! Expect Michelin star cuisines, performances from students and teachers and lots and lots of dancing – it can’t get any better than this, only at CareToDance!

Elite Getaways

Our Elite Getaways are absolutely spectacular! We choose a country around the world that is organizing a global Dinner & Dance event. CareToDance organizes your itinerary, which includes travelling in limousines, 5 Star accommodation, jam packed adventures, restaurants and glorious, glorious dancing!

At our Elite Getaways our teachers and students get to spend time outside of the studio experiencing the wonders of the world traveling and showing off their dancing skills in another country. This particular event is so special they happen only once every few years so watch this space!

CareToDance Dance Programs/Levels

All of the CareToDance Programs and Levels are designed for you, your goals, your learning style and within your timeframe.

With our personally tailored programs, the degree of dancing achieved will vary depending on your desire to commit and your interest. Regardless of the level of dance you do achieve with CareToDance, you will have learnt a talent that you can use forever.


As with everything at CareToDance, it’s about YOU and everything can be tailored for your individual dance goals dependent on your style, level and commitment.


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