Gift Certificate for Social Dancing Students


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  1. $198 – First Step Forward: Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of dance with this one-off gift certificate. Perfect for those who dance for fun and hobby, this package includes one private lesson and one group class. Each session focuses on between one to three dance styles of your choice. A delightful way to sample the joy of dance!
  2. $390 – Sample Program: Sample the true flavour of dance with this specially curated program. This gift certificate includes two private lessons and two group classes, allowing you to explore up to four different dance styles. It’s the perfect way to delve deeper into the dance realm and discover the styles that make your heart beat to the rhythm.
  3. $780 – Introductory Program: Experience a comprehensive introduction to the enchanting world of dance with this gift certificate. This inclusive package includes four private lessons, four group classes, one dance review, and an exciting social party at our studio. Dive into a diverse range of dance styles, focusing on up to six styles. It’s the ultimate gift for anyone keen to explore the spectrum of dance while enjoying a social and fun-filled experience.

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