What is Disco and The Hustle?

The Hustle dance has many variations. This disco dance has worked its way onto dance floors in disco clubs and even on TV shows like Dancing With the Stars. The Saturday Night Fever line dance is very common done throughout the world.

You can read more about the history of this beautiful dance here.

Disco/ The Hustle Classes Near You

Are you looking at learning your very first Disco/ The Hustle steps? or perhaps you are already an experience Disco/ The Hustle dancer looking at mastering this beautiful dancing style, either way you have come to the right place.

At CareToDance we specialise in program based personalised Disco/ The Hustle dancing tuition. Whether you would like to share your learning space with other students, or prefer a more private setting, the team at CareToDance will put together the perfect dancing program for you taking into account your current skill and individual requirements and preferences.

See our Students Performing Disco/ The Hustle at one of our events

Disco/ The Hustle is one of our students all time favourite

In the video featured in this section, you can see our students in action performing the beautiful dance of Disco/ The Hustle at one of our exclusive social dance events.

Events, exhibitions and competitions aren’t a requirement to become a great dancer, however; for those students that choose to incorporate them into their program, they can find that it takes their ‘hobby’ to the next level.

We create CareToDance exhibition events of every shape and size. We make sure they are full of fun and designed to challenge your self-confidence on the dance floor whilst you practice your new Disco/ The Hustle dance moves.

You can find out more information on our dance events here.

Are you a beginner wanting to learn Disco/ The Hustle?

We invite you to discover why our Disco/ The Hustle beginner dance classes are different

Never danced Disco/ The Hustle in your life? Not a problem at all! Our beginners and introduction to dancing programs are specifically designed to help you discover the amazing world of dancing and all the benefits it has to offer at your own pace. Both our private and group dancing lessons and classes are delivered in a positive, professional, fun and relaxed environment in order to accelerate your learning and progress.

The same goes for our more experienced students who are already familiar with our industry leading teaching techniques and methodologies. So what are you waiting for? No matter what your current dancing skills or level are, our industry recognised and accredited teaches and instructors are ready to help you take your next step in your dancing journey.

Some great Disco/ The Hustle music:

Please see below our personal selection of some great Disco/ The Hustle tracks to dance to:

Learn Disco/ The Hustle from the very best

Don’t settle for less, come and learn from one of our industry recognised professional Disco/ The Hustle instructors

All of the Disco/ The Hustle dance teachers at CareToDance are fully qualified and highly trained professionals.

Not only that, all our instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the exclusive Caretodance teaching method. This assures you the finest instruction in Disco/ The Hustle dancing. You will have a regular dance teacher who will be responsible for your progress. Periodically, you will have exchange lessons with other teachers which will give you experience and practice in adapting to a variety of dance partners.

Meet other like minded people that are also learning Disco/ The Hustle

Have fun and meet new people at our Disco/ The Hustle classes

Being part of one of the biggest dancing networks in Sydney, CareToDance students have the opportunity to participate in various social dancing events and activities where they can put their new Disco/ The Hustle skills into practice and meet new people.

Check out some videos from our featured events here: