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Why Dance

Too many people sit on the sidelines and avoid dance opportunities. Learning how to become a social dancer changes all of that. Whether it’s at the studio, on vacation, or out on the town a CareToDance social dance program is your passport that works on any dance floor, to any music, anywhere in the world.

7 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Dancing

To gain confidence is a definite reason why you should dance! Do you think if you dance you will look silly? GREAT!

You may feel silly the first several times but the more that you dance, the greater your confidence will be.

It’s so much fun to dance!

There are so many styles of dancing that we teach at CareToDance to choose from. We find that dancing in a class can be so much more fun that at a club with friends.

Even if you don’t break a sweat, the butterflies alone from taking the risk in dancing will get your heart pumping.

This is similar to confidence. When you discover that making the decision to learn how to dance is actually not that big of a deal, a light bulb will go off!

It will help free you to be more courageous in other ares of your life. As the saying goes “You only live once”

Stress Relief
Dancing, many say takes you to a tranquil space zone.

In this zone, your mind is totally clear and there is peace where you can then focus on the task at hand.

Meeting New People

Dancing is a great way to meet new people and join an awesome, diverse and friendly social group. The very nature of partner dancing is social, and everybody loves to make new friends in their dance scene.

Maybe You Actually Can

What if you’re a really gifted dancer and you have no idea because you have been too afraid to dance? It’s very much possible and you might not even know it!

What Our Social Programs Can Do For You

  • Weddings – It’s time to retire the funky chicken
  • Cruises – Pick a different dance floor every night no problem
  • Nightclubs – Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata – if it’s playing at a club, you’ll be on the floor
  • Corporate Events – Stand out and make an impression
  • Family Events – Do you want to be the dancer in the family?