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10 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Dancing – Benefits of Dancing

How many times have you sat on the sidelines and avoided dance opportunities? Learning how to become a social dancer changes all of that. Whether it’s at the studio, on vacation, or out on the town, a CareToDance social dance program is your passport that works on any dance floor, to any music, anywhere in […]

How social dancing can be therapeutic for dementia sufferers

Dementia refers to a category of brain diseases (such as Alzheimer’s) that are most often characterised by deterioration in the sufferers’ ability to think and remember. The symptoms relating to dementia are most commonly seen in the elderly as the likelihood of developing any one of the related brain diseases increases with age, with roughly […]

Learning to dance with confidence

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been dancing for years, developing confidence is a process that can take time. Confidence refers to the ability to feel assured of your strengths, abilities and value. We’ve gathered a list of tips to help you improve your confidence while dancing. Enjoy! Accept yourself and avoid comparisons Whether […]

CareToDance on ABC: Power of music on the brain – Dementia & Parkinsons

CareToDance made an appearance on Catalyst on ABC Science. On this special edition of the series, you are taken inside an extraordinary program which is revealing that personalised playlists, dancing and music can re-awaken the brains of people with advanced dementia and even allow people with severe Parkinson’s to unfreeze and move. Watch our team […]