What actually makes “the best dance classes in Sydney” the best?

Are you looking for the best dance classes in Sydney to get your dancing journey started and don’t know where to start?

If you are looking for help choosing the best dance classes in Sydney, your search ends here. At CareToDance we are truly committed to creating nothing less than the most engaging, fun and enjoyable dance classes. It is for that reason that we take special care and time to re-think what actually makes our dance classes the best they can possibly be. It is this approach towards continuous improvement and professional development that really sets us apart.

With so many different dance companies and schools to choose from, it is our students and their success stories what really makes us stand out from the rest.

Nevertheless, we have put this page together to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next dancing company and ensure your dancing journey is an enjoyable one from day one,

Why you should start with specialised Beginner Dance Classes first

Mixed Group Classes VS Beginner Dance Classes and how it affects your learning experience

As you search along for the best dance classes to get your dancing kick-started, you might realise that not all schools actually cater for beginners specifically (although they might claim to do so). This is because many of the dance companies out there only offer mixed classes. By “mixed” we mean classes where advanced students and true beginners share the same learning space. Although this approach has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Many dance companies claim that this class structure helps speed up your learning by exposing you to more experienced dancers. However, the truth is that many beginners find this setup a bit daunting and even intimidating. This is mainly because many people are stricken by those (silly) thoughts that it is all “too hard” and “I will never get there”. This is to be expected, especially if dancing does not come naturally to you. But remember, everyone started somewhere. This is exactly why you need specialised Beginner Dance Classes.

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So, how are Specialised Beginner Dance Classes different?

We have already spoken about mixed levels or shared dance classes and how these types of learning environments can be counter-producing. Let’s now talk about what makes a specialised beginners dance class different and how we approach our beginner dance classes at CareToDance.

Firstly, a specialised beginners dance class should be exactly that. A class where the new student is the centre of attention at all times. Moreover, a learning space shared only with other students that are at the same stage of their dancing journey.

Secondly, the teachers have to be specifically trained to understand the needs and learning patterns of beginner students. This is because learning a new skill is already challenging enough and it can be very comforting to know that the teacher is aware of this. Not only that, a teacher with experience in teaching beginners exclusively will assist by anticipating questions and providing feedback without you “having to ask”.

Thirdly, the classes must be designed and delivered in such a way that you feel confident from the very first step. It is for that reason that at CareToDance we aim at making you feel comfortable at all times. We want you to continue to feel excited about your new journey throughout the entire dance program. We achieve this by not mixing levels and having dedicated beginners teaching methodologies in place.

Lastly, our dancing programs have the right mix of Group and Private Dance Classes. This teaching system helps you learn at your own pace and helps us personalise your dance classes to your individual needs and learning style. We will talk about Group and Private Dance classes in more detail further down below.

Group Dance Classes vs Private Dance Lessons (One on one)

Private Dance Lessons and Group Dance Classes, which one is better for me?

As a dance company, we get asked this question all the time and the short answer is “both”. This is because there are different advantages to each type of class. It is for that reason that the best dance classes program must have the right mix of both. And this is once again one of the main differences between us and our competitors. As a matter of fact, at CareToDance we are pioneers in the development of dancing teaching programs that combine both Private and Group lessons and one of the few dance companies offering this service.

To understand how our programs work, let’s first look at some of the main advantages that each class format has to offer.

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Advantages of Private Dance Lessons

The first and most obvious advantage of taking private dance lessons is that they are all about YOU!. During your ‘one on one’ time with your dancing instructor, you get the opportunity to address specific learning requirements and ask all the questions you might have. This is very important as we all have different personalities and learning styles and might not always feel comfortable asking certain questions during the group classes (and that is OK!).

Apart from providing you with a personal and private setting to express yourself in confidence, Private Dance Classes also allow your dance instructor to work with you on specific learning opportunities.

Finally, private dance classes speed up your learning by addressing more closely your individual learning needs and learning style. It for that reason that your private lessons must be meticulously planned by your teacher to ensure you reach your goals in a timely manner and get the most value out of each private lesson.

Advantages of Group Dance Classes

Where Group Dance Classes really come in handy (assuming they are specialised beginners dance classes) is by exposing you to like-minded people also new to their dancing journey. Being surrounded by other beginners you can exchange tips and experience making the journey that much more enjoyable.

With our Group Dance Classes specifically, we also make sure that we keep our groups small. This is to ensure each student still gets quality personalised teaching time and attention.

Furthermore, during our classes, we promote an inclusive, friendly and fun atmosphere. This is the perfect dance environment for you to practice all your new steps, meet new people and most importantly have lots of fun!

And last but not least, group dance classes will provide you with invaluable practice time and get you ready for your next dance partner.

Beyond the dance classroom and classes, what is next?

Here we show you some great ways to reinforce your learning after your dance classes

Your dancing should not stop once you leave the dance studio. The complete opposite!. Dancing is a social activity and there are many ways in which you can continue to develop your skills outside of the classroom. Not only that, interacting with other people and practising your newly acquired skills beyond the dance classroom is the best way to reinforce your learning.

The best way to do this is by participating in dedicated social dancing events and parties. At these events, you can meet other new dancers and practice your new moves in a ‘judgement-free’ and fun environment. Dancing is all about having fun together after all. By attending social dancing events you will alsio discover new dance styles.

Although there are always a few events happening in Sydney, it can be difficult for someone new to the scene to know which events are good or what level of dancers they are intended for. That is why you should stick with a large dance company that also organises their own events and can provide these opportunities for you.

Let’s take our own events as an example. At CareToDance we offer a variety of different events our students can join. Our events are designed to improve our students’ confidence on the dance floor while taking part in fun activities. We even have some students perform for the rest of the group and showcase their new skills. Some of our most popular events include Social Dancing Nights, Dinner & Dance Events and Mystery Location Dancing Events. Below are some videos of our most recent events as reference:

Dance Classes near me

Your next dance studio should be conveniently located and super nice

We are all creatures of habit. And getting into your car and driving down to the dance studio isn’t always an easy transition. Especially if you are aiming at attending dance classes a few days a week. However, there are 3 things that will get you off the couch every time: Convenience, Quality and Motivation.

The truth is that travel time is certainly an important factor here. We all know that the less you have to travel somewhere, the less likely you are to miss a class. And that is because joining up a dance company which is too difficult to get to can have a negative effect on your motivation.

Distance and travel times, of course, become less of a factor if your dance studio of choice has super nice facilities, friendly teachers and excellent quality of teaching.

This is why at CareToDance we have carefully selected not only the location but the venues at which our studios are located. Currently, our dance company counts with fully equipped dance studio facilities in Sydney CBD and Balmain (Sydney’s Inner West). You can find more information about our locations and how to get there by clicking here.

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Now to wrap things up, let’s recap on all the tips and information we shared with you today. In summary, before committing to joining any dance company make sure they:

  1. Offer you specialised beginner dance classes and not just mix you in with everyone else.
  2. Provide a good mix between group classes and private dance lessons as part of their program.
  3. Organise their own dancing events so you can practice beyond the classroom.
  4. Have studios which are centrally located and easy to get to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have whether or not they are on the list below.

Some dance companies might ask you to. With CareToDance you don’t, our students learn “one on one” with a teacher. Our students often take lessons on their own to improve specific areas of their own dancing.

We specialise in adult dance classes. That being said you are never too young or too old to start dancing!

Your first lesson is FREE! After your first lesson, your instructor will ask you a set of standard questions to be able to recommend a program suitable for your desires, skill and learning pace. Once we have all the information needed, only then will we be able to recommend a program and advise of the investment. All our programs are tailored to each student’s needs and vary in size. We have a range of new student programs available, and prices differ depending on which program is most suited to your needs. Request you free class here.

Anybody can be a good dancer with enough practise. Many people think that a lot of dancers are born with a natural talent for dancing but that is not the case. Practising simple moves at the begging and slowly progressing on to more advanced moves as you get better.

Learning how to dance is different for most people and really depends on how fast you are able to master each step. the faster you learn the quicker you can move on to more advanced dancing, it really depends on how much you practise. 

With the right instructor all you need is practice. For most people rhythm comes naturally, but in any case all it takes in time and perseverance and you will learn to follow the rhythm. 

Yes of course. Dancing is a great form of exercise which is also very fun. Many people find it a good alternative to exercise as they get older , helping there mobility and flexibility.  

Flexibility is of course very good for your body and can help a lot when dancing, although a high amount of flexibility is not necessarily needed when dance it definitely helps.

Lots of stretching. many dancers stretch day and night to keep there flexibility.