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Ballroom dancing may seem quite intimidating at first but when you start, you’ll see that everything is derived from simple steps and techniques. As you progress, you’ll learn more complex techniques that will be easier to grasp once you have a basic understanding of simpler ones.

Nevertheless, we have prepared the best tips for guys, girls and couples to become better ballroom dancers. These tips will not only help you to improve your technique, but also ensure that you really enjoy dancing every time you practice.

Ballroom Dancing Tips for Guys

Social dancing is not about perfection. It’s about connection, fun, movement and self-expression. So just stick to having fun and you’ll continue to learn and improve. This is the best way to become good dancer as quickly as possible.

Keep it simple

Stick to moves you know you can lead and feel comfortable with. The more comfortable you are with specific moves, the more success you’ll have and the more your confidence will grow.

Pick Your partner courteously

For your first foray onto the dancefloor, ask someone who will encourage you and make you feel good…someone who you connect with. It’s important that your partner lets you lead and doesn’t try to criticize or tell you what to do. An experienced partner will help you stay on time without trying to take over.

Look after your partner

As a lead it’s your job to keep your partner safe. Get into the habit of this now while you’re still leading simple stuff – watch where you’re sending them and if other couples are moving in too close change your orientation or move to another clearer spot on the floor.

Freestyle Freely

Don’t get in the habit of trying to remember a sequence of moves. Try and go with the flow. When you lead, you are relying on the movement planning centres of your brain which will actually switch off if you let them get overloaded and overwhelmed. So just enjoy the movement!

Forgive Yourself

It’s not going to be brilliant to start with. You will have panic moments and you won’t remember much of what you know. Just focus on keeping your timing and don’t be ashamed if you aren’t learning much more than the basics. The more you dance, the more chance there is of you increasing your confidence and skills, and everything else will start to fall into place.

Ballroom Dancing Tips for Girls

No one expects you to be a star from the get go. Below are our top tips for ladies to enjoy their dancing and become better dancers. Remember, you don’t have to tackle all these tips at once. Just consider working on one or two at a time. Once you are confident enough to say that you’ve got them down-pat and they’re second-nature, move onto the next one. Try not to let these tips slip! They’ll help become an incredible dancer and most importantly enjoy what you’re doing. When you put it all together, you’ll be a star!

Find a great studio and a great instructor

A great studio or dance school will have a program for you to follow to ensure that you progress and most importantly have fun. As you progress, you can start putting different techniques together and start using your imagination more! It’s always incredible to see what our students come up with once they grasp the basic steps and timing.

Furthermore, a good dance teacher can not only show you new steps and techniques, but they will also help you to correct any mistakes that you’re making. Additionally, a good dance teacher understands that people learn differently. Therefore, correcting mistakes may require different approaches for different dancers.

Watch other dancers

Watch a few dance movies or Youtube search instructional videos for inspiration. Look for different techniques you like and see if you can ask your teacher to determine the best way to learn that routine. Additionally, you can also pay particular attention to things such as body alignment, posture, and technique. Then, you can try to find ways to incorporate styles you like into your own dancing.

Perfect your posture

Stand up straight, push your shoulders down and back, and hold your head up. It’s truly amazing what good posture does for a dancer. You’ll also look your best on the dance floor!

Always strive to improve your dancing

Dancers spend their entire careers practicing their dancing. Continuing to perfect your moves and practice is what separates the good dancers from the best dancers. Always try to learn new routines, moves and techniques! It’s fun, challenging and will add another dimension to your dancing ability. Remember, you should strive to perfect the skills of each step. Even if you perfected the steps months ago, continue to revisit them to keep your muscle memory fresh.

Wear proper shoes

Each dance style requires a specific type of shoe. Dance shoes are carefully structured to protect the legs and feet and to benefit the dancer. Make certain that you’re dancing in the correct type of shoe and that the shoes are the right size. The right shoe that is comfortable and secure can make a significant difference to your practice.


Your body will dance its best when it is in a relaxed state. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Teach yourself to unwind to the music. Consider learning meditation and using that before you begin to move.


A smile is an expression of pleasure, happiness, or amusement. If you smile while you’re dancing, people will get the feeling that you love what you’re doing. Even if you’re dancing alone, smile to yourself. You love to dance, so let it show!

Ballroom Dancing Tips for Couples

Have fun!

There’s going to be a point where one person understands something quicker than the other person, so keep it at a level playing field. Understand that someday you might need more time to grasp something a bit more difficult. Focusing on the fun lets you get through those hard times and enjoy your time together.

Remember that you’re a team, you need to support each other in order for your dancing to progress. Remember that the best fun you’ll have together is when your dance is harmonious and you can communicate through movement. So work together!

Take the time to learn individually

Keeping your private lessons close and rotating in group classes is really helpful because otherwise you can start to compensate for each other. That means that you could start adopting the wrong technique to compensate for your partner’s shortcomings. Working with other partners is also important to ensure that your technique is consistent and easy to work with; you may also learn a lot about your own technique!

Working with your significant other all the time can also lead to complications. Let’s face it, you’re probably going to bicker because you love each other! You’ll probably start to critique each other’s technique and that really won’t help either of you get better.

Additionally, that’s something that you probably won’t do with someone you just met (or a new friend). Working with someone else will make it easier for you to focus on yourself and become a better partner for your significant other. Work on your techniques individually so you can create a better partnership together.

Let the instructor do the teaching!

Let’s face it; It’s a lot easier to take instruction from an instructor than your significant other. Understand that you’ll probably take your partner’s advice a little bit more to heart. That works both ways. So allow the instructor to lead and teach. Additionally, it’s a lot harder to learn when you have two people trying to teach you – you can feel a little cornered!

It’s a lot easier to learn from an instructor who is there to correct your mistakes and help you improve. Hearing it from a loved one can sound like criticism and you’ll probably not take any of the information on board.

Trust your partner

When dancing with your partner, trust that they can handle their half of the dance. Focus on your part and allow your partner to focus on their part – it belongs to them. That means, as a follower, don’t try to lead. And as a lead, don’t push you partner through the moves.

Final Thought

Hopefully you have found our tips helpful and these will assist you in becoming a better dancer both individually, and as a couple.

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