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So you think you know ballroom dancing? Apart from the obvious movies such as Strictly Ballroom, Dirty Dancing and Shall We Dance, Ballroom Dance is in a number of great films that you may not even have realised. Even if it was only a minute, an intimate dance scene seems to be a significant draw card for many scripts. Passion and flair are centre stage when the leading couple (or even the protagonist and antagonist) meet for a ballroom dance display.

Furthermore, not only does ballroom appear in movies, but TV shows, music videos, social media, TV advertising other media all go mad for ballroom dancing. Whether it’s the elegance, the beauty, respect for the art or the technicality, viewers just can’t seem to get enough of ballroom dancing. Some popular movies that feature ballroom dancing include:

Our top picks for films featuring Ballroom Dancing:

Moulin Rouge

Take The Lead


Beauty And The Beast

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Step Up



Adams Family Values


Scent of a Woman


True Lies

Easy Virtue

Final Thought

Hopefully, this listing serves as inspiration for your dancing (and ideas on films to watch next if you haven’t already watched the films above)

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