International Ballroom vs Social Dancing Ballroom

International Ballroom vs Social Dancing Ballroom, CareToDance | Private & Group Dance Classes and Lessons in Sydney NSW

In this article we will touch on the differences between the Ballroom Dancing that you might see in a social setting, VS what is known as “International Ballroom.

About International Ballroom

International Ballroom is primarily danced in competitions. You’ve probably seen ballroom dance competitions on TV at some stage. There are judges, criteria, competitors and scores. Dancers are judged on their posture, timing, line, hold technique, complexity, musicality and expression and more.

About Social Dancing

On the other hand, social ballroom is mainly performed on a dance floor at social events. Formals, weddings and other special events tend to have a dance floor and this is where it is common to find social ballroom performed. Social ballroom is performed for fun and, as the name suggests, for social purposes.

You’d also be surprised to find that there are several social ballroom events all over Sydney and Australia. So get learning, meet new people and have some fun along the way.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this clears up any lingering questions you may have about the difference between these ballroom dance styles.

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