Ballroom Myth-Busting

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As a specialised Ballroom Dancing studio, we come across a number of myths about ballroom dancing almost every day. In this article we will take a closer look at some of those commonly believed incorrect facts about ballroom dancing.

So when you think ballroom, what comes to mind?

We’re here to extinguish the top 7 myths and misconceptions about ballroom dancing!

Ballroom Dancing: Top 7 Myths

Ballroom dancing is only for Ballrooms

False. Ballroom dancing contains a variety of styles from all over the world. In fact modern Ballroom Dances have inspired other dance styles to evolve. Common Ballroom Dances include, Jazz, Swing, Salsa, Tango, Bachata, Cha Cha and Mambo.

Learning ballroom dance is learning a wide variety of dance styles that you can put into practice everyday. Weddings, formals, nights out, parties, in the kitchen by yourself, at home with a loved one. Ballroom dancing is for everyone and can be done almost anywhere!

Ballroom dancing is only useful in competition

False. No matter what level you’re at, it’s never too late to start learning. A good dance school will be able to help you become a better dancer no matter your age! Ballroom dancing is an incredibly fun sport (or a hobby) that has many practical uses.

From a fun past time, to quality time spent with a loved one and a great workout (at your own pace), Ballroom is an activity like no other.

Ballroom dancing is old fashioned

Again, False (no surprises here). Ballroom dancing is a timeless art. Whilst the steps may seem formal, its performance is only limited by your imagination. That means you can apply a range of ballroom dance techniques to any dancing scenario. Besides, when did having fun, being social and burning calories become “old fashioned.” Sure, professional competitions are performed in ballrooms, however, the majority of the styles that are considered ballroom dances were developed in night clubs – thanks Latin America!

Ballroom dancing is boring

Just try! What’s so boring about seeing your partner in a different light or meeting new people in a fun environment? Most dance schools will offer your first lesson for free. You’ve got nothing to lose (but calories and frowns!) and you’ll have a ball. Sure there are slower varieties of ballroom dancing that look boring, but we assure you that no one was forced to do this! In fact, there are tens of thousands of ballroom dancers in Australia alone!

Ballroom dancing is too difficult to learn

Pish posh! A good ballroom dance school can help you master the basic steps no matter your age. After mastering the basic steps and timing, your journey will become far more enjoyable and techniques will become easier to grasp. Your imagination will be the limit.

It’s highly addictive, incredibly fun and so good for your health – it’s too good to be true! Because it’s fun and addictive, you’ll love it and learn. You’re far more likely to learn something you enjoy.

You can only dance ballroom if you have a partner

What? Not true. Ballroom dance classes can be taught to singles and dance partners can be found at classes. So don’t be shy, make a friend (or two) at a ballroom dance class. Additionally, some classes may focus on individual technique so a partner may be unnecessary.

You need the right formal attire to dance

This is actually completely false. Even during competition dance, their “formal attire” is actually purpose fit for dance. Pay attention and you’ll notice loose fitting clothing.

This allows the dancers to maximise their degree of movement, be comfortable and perform at their peak. Formal attire is only necessary for performances and competition. So 99% of the time, you won’t need anything formal.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this clears up any lingering questions you may have about these commonly believed myths about Ballroom Dancing.

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